Step 2: Choosing a Realtor!

  • While experience, knowledge of the markets, tech savviness, construction methods & negotiating are all crucial elements your Realtor should possess. I personally feel that trust, competency, respect & general communication/interactions with your Realtor… and the CLIENT(s) (it goes both ways!) can be just as important. It’s NOT a requirement that you like your Realtor, but if you don’t the time you will be spending with them over the next few weeks, months or in rare cases years are going to be far less enjoyable.
  • NOTE: The vast majority of my clients are either past clients or referrals… I believe there is a big reason for this, I am not what some would refer to as a TRANSACTIONAL Realtor i.e. never to be heard from again after closing. Rather I am a RELATIONAL Realtor i.e. Around your entire life! I truly care & want the absolute best for my clients, & I believe this is what makes the difference between a ok realtor and an extraordinary realtor!
FTHS: Step 3 - 5