Downsizing Buyer

Step 1: Looking to Downsize?

Downsizing Buyer

Returning Client(s)? - READ BELOW

  • Perhaps you bought your 1st home with me OR maybe it was your 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th home with me. However, what makes this time and process different is that for the 1st time in likely a very long time you will be looking to pair back on Furniture, possessions and other items that you simply no longer need or want? We will still need to go through a similar process as a move-up buyer might, but your financial situation is perhaps very different as well now. You may also OWN your home outright now or be retired i.e. living on passive income or other savings/retirement accounts. These will be the items we will need to take a closer look at while we go through the process of buying your new home. Even the type of home you are now looking at may change significantly i.e. condo or Townhome vs. your SF home.  So, Let’s begin by exploring the next step in this process. Choosing between:
  • Option A: Buy 1st/Sell 2nd OR Option B: Sell 1st/Buy 2nd 

New to the Agent Benedict Group? - READ BELOW

  • If so, then I would like to first learn a bit more about you… So, let’s get started with a quick yet informative Downsizing Buyer Questionnaire. It will take less then 3 mins to fill out, but it will answer 3 important topics for us about your previous experiences with Real Estate! 
  1. What is your GENERAL knowledge of the Real Estate industry? i.e. Market trends, Selling process, Pricing, marketing, etc.
  1. What type of PERSONALITY & APPROACH do you think you might have when selling your home? i.e. Stress, Timing, expectations, etc.
  1. What is your INDIVIDUAL status regarding the downsizing home buyer process? i.e.  The 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When, & Why)
  • Once we receive your answers from the Downsizing Buyer Questionnaire. We will contact you within 24 hrs to go over your results.
  • While you wait for our response… We ask that you PLEASE READ AHEAD. This will help to inform you of the Downsizing buyer process & what Steps are to come next. This will begin by choosing between 2 options
  • Option A: Buy 1st/Sell 2nd OR Option B: Sell 1st/Buy 2nd