Merriam Park/Lexington-Hamline

Union Park (Merriam Park, Snelling Hamline and Lexington-Hamline) is comprised of a collection of smaller neighborhoods and is located in the West Central part of St. Paul. It is a superior location as it is located between downtown Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul. This historic neighborhood has a large concentration of the late 19th century homes in the Twin Cities.  Newer multi-family residences have been built to replace some of the older homes, which offers affordable living for many of the college students.  Hamline University, one of the top Universities in the state is located in this neighborhood as well as Concordia University. The Light Rain Train is planned to be up and running through the area in 2014 which will be a huge convenience for residents. Other schools in this area are Central High, Longfellow Elementary and Ramsey Middle School.

Adam was very helpful as we looked for a house. We had very specific needs which made the search more difficult. He helped us be patient as we searched for what we wanted and provided very beneficial advice when it came time to negotiate the purchase. He kept our wants and family needs at the forefront always.
Amanda and Andrew Kopplin