FTHS: Step 9 - 11

Step 9: Inspections/Appraisals

FTHS: Step 9 – 11

  • Although this step is still very important to the sale of your home. As a seller there is much less to do during this step. It will be up to the buyer(s)/agent to preform the inspection in the time allotted (Typically 10 days) per the terms of your contract. On the day of the inspection you will want to ensure that the property is clean and presentable (just like a typical showing) and leave the home during the timeframe given (Typical inspection will last 3 to 4 hours). 
  • If issues are found (Remember no home is perfect) the buyers will address these items with you via an amendment to help find a resolution/way to move forward.
  • As for the appraisal- similar to an inspection. You will want to ensure that the property is clean and presentable (just like a typical showing). It is not mandatory to leave the home for the appraisal, but it is recommended to make things easier for the appraiser to walk the property.  
  • Once the appraiser has walked through your home we can expect the results within 7 to 10 days – on average. 
FTHS: Step 9 - 11

Step 10: Closer

  • Just like the buy side you will also have a Closer for the sell side, and like before our closer will simply reach out to you directly to gather information on items such as your current mortgage company.  This will allow them to order a payoff statement and work through the remaining process i.e. title searches, etc. to ensure a smooth closing in the weeks ahead. 

Step 11: Final Stages before Closing

  • Once and offer has been received on your property. I will call you to discuss the terms of the offer and how to best proceed. Once accepted, we will sign the offer via electronic signatures through our online system – Authentisign
  • Next, we will have to revisit the Option you had chosen back in Step 2 of the First Time Home Seller Process. If you had chosen Option A: CONGRADULATIONS YOU DID IT!  BUT, if you chose Option B