FTHS: Step 3 - 5

Step 3: Choosing a Realtor!

FTHS: Step 3 – 5

  • While Step 3 is hopefully a moot point by now. It is still very important to know your Realtor. So, for those of you who are new to our group. Once again, here are a few things to consider. Do they have the important qualities such as experience, knowledge of the markets, tech savviness (including marketing your home), an understanding of construction methods & of course skills in negotiations. I personally feel that trust, competency, respect & general communication/interactions with your Realtor are also just as important (& this goes both ways!). It’s NOT a requirement that you like your Realtor, but if you don’t the time you will be spending with them over the next few weeks, months or in rare cases years are going to be far less enjoyable. 
  • NOTE: The vast majority of my clients are either past clients or referrals… I believe there is a big reason for this, I am not what some would refer to as a TRANSACTIONAL Realtor i.e. never to be heard from again after closing. Rather I am a RELATIONAL Realtor i.e. Around your entire life! I truly care & want the absolute best for my clients, & I believe this is what makes the difference between an ok realtor and an extraordinary realtor!
FTHS: Step 3 - 5

Step 4: Signing our Listing Agreement/Contract

  • Now that you have chosen a Realtor & we have established a List Price for your home. It is important to sign our Listing agreement along with all other necessary paperwork to establish our working partnership!
  • My Transaction manager will prepare and send all necessary paperwork over to you via an online system called Authentisign. Here you will sign all required documentation electronically through this secure online document signing service. You will receive an email directly from Authentisign that will walk you through the signing process. After you receive the signing invitation, we request that you complete the signing within 24 to 48 hours to ensure we are able to proceed with additional steps in a timely manner.

Step 5: Establishing Timelines and Preparing Your Listing!

  • It is here where we will create a realistic Timeline and begin working through the list of items found in Step 2 Under: Information needed for SELL side.
  • This may require help from various resources and/or contractors, ideas in decluttering, arranging for storage units, and other important items. However, fear not! I will provide help in all these areas and more to ensure we move at a pace that you feel comfortable with!
  • As we begin to wrap up your To-do-list and other preparations for your home before becoming Active to the market. My transaction manager will once again send out an email describing in detail the final steps that will need to be completed just prior to Listing your home for Sale.
  • Including some or all of the following:
  1. Disclosure paperwork and required inspections. 
  2. Scheduling a photo shoot, Preferably on Monday’s to help ensure we receive our photos back in time to List your home by Thursday (A day in which 90% of all listing go live).

Step 3: Creating a home search!