Downsizing Buyer: Step 6-9

Step 6: Our Closer

Move-Up Buyer: Step 6-9

  • Like before our closer will reach out to you directly to gather some additional information and begin their process to ensure you have a clean title and are able to close on your new home.

Step 7: Completing a Home inspection

  • I will also re-introduce you to my inspector who will once again collect payment prior to their inspection and generate a report for us to review, discuss any issues found, and address them with the sellers to find a resolution/way to move forward.

Step 8: Completing an appraisal OR Gathering your Funds!

  • If you are taking out a loan with one of our preferred lenders an appraisal may or may not be required depending on the amount of downpayment you are coming up with. If an appraisal is needed you will simply wait for its completion and confirm that the value is good!
  • If not we may need to renegotiate the terms of the offer (depending on the language used in the contract), pay the difference, or walk-away and go back to Step 5
  • As we also established back in Step 2 as a downsizing buyer it is very possible that you may have the opportunity to pay CASH or take existing equity from your home via a bridge loan or equity line to pay for this next home. If that is the case this step is important as it may take some time to gather all of the funds necessary to purchase this home. Thus, using this time to contact the proper banks, institutions, during this step.

Step 9: Closing on your new home

  • Again, if you are taking out a new loan you will be work the lender to provide any/all remaining documentation until you receive a notification that you are clear to close on your loan. A CD will be signed and you will finalize your closing time with the closer.
  • If you are paying Cash you will skip the majority of this and simply finalize a time with your closer for the closing date.
  • We will also schedule our Final walk-through, 24 to 48 hours prior to your closing.
  • Finally we will send you on your way to sign all of the required paperwork with your closer. CONGRADULATIONS! IF you chose OPTION B you are done!
  • For those of you who chose OPTION A: Buy 1st/Sell 2nd…. We need to keep going!
  • It is now time to BEGIN the selling process. I would like you CLICK on the: 1st TIME SELLER tab in the menu options.